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The best way to learn and grow is to work side by side with a coach, surrounded and supported by a community of peers who truly understand you.

It all starts with ADHD ReWired's intensive Coaching and Accountability Groups and then ongoing support is available with Weekly Group Coaching, Adult Study Hall and more.

ADHD reWired's 28th Spring Season of Online Coaching and Accountability Groups is running April 13- June 24

During this coaching course, you will work to develop transformational skills in a format that is designed to fit your unique brain wiring

  • Time Management

  • Planning

  • Prioritizing

  • Goal-Setting & Habit Tracking

  • Accountability

  • Transformation

  • Acceptance

  • Community


  • Learn ways to understand time that are ADHD Friendly
  • Dealing with rabbit holes, hyper focus, and exhaustion without beating yourself up or putting yourself down
  • Use the tools for your own life, right away, to build time awareness


  • How to spend more time on the things you want
  • From planning a task, a project, day, week, month, even quarters or a year they all can grow from the same foundation
  • You will work on all of these in group, with each other and in our small accountability teams. We learn and grow by experimenting in a safe space.


  • What do you need or want to do that will move you towards the life you want?
  • When it all seems like too much, or you don’t know where to start—having research-based tools that are also ADHD Friendly makes a huge difference.
  • Learn how to assess what YOUR priorities are, and how to get those into your life, planning and daily habits

Goal-Setting & Habit Tracking

  • If this strikes fear in your heart, this is for you. We can set goals and create habits that are achievable and sustainable.
  • We model, guide, practice and support each other with group coaching, mentors, and small accountability teams.
  • The length of the course means we get to try, learn, adapt, make changes and try again while we work on our growth mindsets too.

An example: Weekly Goal-Setting with Accountability

  • Everyone sets a goal for the week and shares it with the group
  • Everyone shares daily goals with their accountability team
  • Ways to increase our own accountability and follow through are practiced
  • Everyone reports back to the group at the end of the week
An example of Accountability and Community


Accountability without shame or guilt is an important part of our coaching groups. In addition to the accountability you get from the coaching group, you will join a 4 member accountability team. You’ve always got someone in your corner. Accountability teams check-in daily on group text chat.


  • What does it mean to be me? to be you? Do we see ourselves as good enough?
  • Our challenges with ADHD can feel front and center in our life
  • Carl Rogers said, “the curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”
  • change takes understanding and accepting our brains as they are, not broken or needing to be fixed
  • acceptance comes from being understood and worked with not against


Changes starts with curiosity, and you are here. Are you ready to put yourself on the list?  It requires consistently showing up for yourself, being open, and making a significant time commitment.  This coaching and accountability group requires courage, vulnerability, and an intense desire to grow.
This is a commitment for 8-10 hours a week for 10+ weeks.

This coaching group is intense and is not for everyone.

All members are interviewed to ensure it’s the right fit.


  • The power of community cannot be understated, and come on we’re the most interesting people around!
  • Finding and connecting with other people who accept their own ADHD can help to feel not alone
  • seeing how others deal with and manage their daily lives and experiences can be transforming.
  • Things that are painful, when immersed in shame, actually can bring us laughter and togetherness when we can see them as shared character traits and not moral failings.
"People are just as wonderful as a sunset if you let them be. When I look at a sunset, I don’t find myself saying, soften the orange a bit on that right-hand corner. I don’t try to control a sunset. I watched with awe as it unfolds." -Carl Rogers

ADHD reWired's 28th Season of online Coaching and Accountability Groups is from April 13 to June 24.

Group Commitment involves:


  • Meet 3x Per Week
  • Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
  • For 60 minutes, unless otherwise noted

Accountability Team Meetings:

  • Meet 2x Per Week
  • Mondays, and Fridays–Before or After Group
  • For 45-60 min
      • Teams may meet at other times if all members are available to meet.

Checking in:

  • Message 3x per Day
  • Daily
  • 20-30min
      • Total time throughout the day you will spend checking in with your accountability team to report on your progress and checking in on theirs


  • Will be posted weekly to work on both inside and OUTSIDE OF GROUP
  • They are designed to scaffold using ADHD Friendly structures and supports to engage in activities that will contribute to your success.
  • 2-4 hours outside of our coaching calls  
Average Time Commitment Per Week: 6-10 hours

Spaces are always limited and fill up fast!
Follow the link below to get on the Interest List.

HOW: Technology is used to cross distance, build community & create a more ADHD friendly lifestyle with ADHD reWired Coaching

We come together as an online community on the Mighty Network.
We meet using video conferencing
3 requirements: 1. High speed internet 2. Wired headphones with a mic 3. A computer or laptop


Moira Maybin, M.Ed(EdPsy)
Eric Tivers, LCSW ADHD reWired Creator
Coach Roxie Martin

$1650 USD with Moira or Roxie

$2395 USD with Eric

We will have sections with me, Moira Maybin, Eric Tivers, founder of ADHD reWired, & Roxie Martin of Wild Hair Confessional, and featured in the Coaches Corners episodesMoira, Eric and Roxie use the same coaching materials developed by Eric Tivers.

Here is what you get in addition to 30 coaching group sessions:

  • Access to all recorded session audio/video/chat transcripts for one full year.
  • Accountability between sessions
  • Access to all the recorded webinars in our Alumni Membership Community
  • 24-hour Access to Adult Study Hall
  • Access to our new Adult Study Hall Membership
  • Ongoing support in the ADHD reWired Alumni Membership Community.
      • Cost for Post Group Alumni Membership Community= $39.99/month or $399/year. 

This award-winning course has changed hundreds of lives.
It changed mine, and it can change yours too.

Hear what others are saying

Madhu G.

This changed the way I think about my ADHD. I have a much healthier thinking patterns and a lot more tools and skills I can use. I also have a great community of people who understand me and help me when I need it. I loved it!

Diego C.

Moira was genuinely herself. She is so kind, compassionate, and really cares about everyone she works with.

Leigh L.

I love the meditations. I loved the calmness of her voice and the practical way she approached the everyone's challenges. It also helped to hear her struggles.

Dave G

I was AMAZED at how often Moira noticed someone reacting to something and was able to smoothly clarify with that person if we had a misunderstanding or needed to talk about something.

Yedi P.

Moira was incredibly perceptive of where we all were emotionally. She was super inclusive and chose her words thoughtfully, especially when speaking about cultures she is not a part of—I really appreciated that. This kind of deep, behavioral work is always worth the cost because it is an investment in your mental health. If you need to be convinced, you are not ready...and that's ok.

Matt B.

She was honest and supportive and this experience was so enlightening and supportive that every person needs to experience it (and they are missing out on it if they don’t).

Tamorra B.

I think Moira is amazing and this group is sort of like having dirty glasses, and then someone shows you how to clean them properly.

Tim L.

It was great how the very helpful focus for women and ADHD that Moira has, came across to me as a man. ADHD is also so isolating and we accumulate so much shame over the years, it was really liberating. I never would have tried so many things, shared so many things, pushed myself as much, without everyone else in the group being there.

Brook T.

When I saw there were a couple of men in the group, I was a little nervous. I'm really glad that at no point did she shy away from talking about her experience with ADHD as a woman and how hormones impact her symptoms. Having that normalized was really impactful.

Cory L.

Moira is a great facilitator and coach! She has such insightful questions and actively listens to others! Moira is an absolute delight to work with!

Eveline C.

Moira was SO thoughtful & compassionate in holding space, sharing wisdom, supporting each & every one of us. Her deep wisdom, particularly on cutting edge research & info related to gender, hormonal cycles & ADHD has been invaluable and mind-blowing. Some great and necessary compassionate ass-kicking with A-Teams mid-way through, which was so helpful.

Brittany M.

I loved hearing things that Moira struggled with and seasons of learning she went through, not that anything was one skill and fixed, it's learning the tools to revisit and reuse. if you divide the cost down by the potential to continue learning its crazy to pass the opportunity up if you can at all afford it.

Rebecca A.

She met me, where I needed to start my journey. This connection of being understood and knowing the core issue has been addressed, seen, and heard - has caused an extremely strong shift and experience in real hope – I would say a foundational one. I trust her, her integrity, her work.

Hannah C.

I really loved how Moira brought in her experience as an educator. I value how she led group, how she broke down concepts and "scaffolded" for us so that things didn't feel so overwhelming.

Meleise L.

Moira has a lot of warmth and humor that puts people at ease right away. Personally we share things in common that makes her experience living with late diagnosed ADHD very relatable.

Kate B.

"Moira gives the insightful advice you didn't know you needed. (Or maybe you knew but it was deep down inside and didn't want to face it). Helped me to realize the negative self-talk and to ask myself, "is this a critic or coach" voice. She's strength-based, I hear her words in my head frequently..."don't clear the decks, what part has worked?" You feel her compassion from the get-go and that's what helps to make lasting change. "

Theresa H.

I appreciated her sharing her journey & bringing a late diagnosed ADHD woman's perspective into the mix. I was hoping to gain more insights into my own challenges as an older/later diagnosed woman and I feel extremely grateful that I gained an incredible amount of knowledge.

Agata M.

Moira's incredibly insightful and notices details that help people figure out for themselves how they can solve their own problems. She helps guide people to solutions which I really liked.

Elisa G.

I was grateful to have things coached in a woman's voice and perspective. Moira talks about her downsides, her "flaws" her struggles, and I realized that hearing an authority figure who's like me acknowledge with ease her struggles changed the whole playing field. Having a model for good enough, not perfect is a rare treat.