ADHD Coaching

Are you ready to commit to an ADHD Friendly Lifestyle?

The best way to learn and grow is to work side by side with a coach, surrounded and supported by a community of peers who truly understand you.

ADHD reWired Coaching & Accountability Groups 25th Season will be starting soon with sections being offered by Eric Tivers, founder of ADHD reWired, Roxie Martin & Moira Maybin! If you are interested in intensive online coaching and accountability developed for people with ADHD, this is your chance!

During this coaching course you will work together with your coach to develop transformational skills in a format that is designed to fit your unique brain wiring. 

  • Time Management

  • Planning

  • Prioritizing

  • Goal-Setting & Habit Tracking

  • Accountability

  • Transformation

  • Acceptance

  • Community

ADHD ReWired's 25th Season of online Coaching and Accountability Groups will be starting in July and going through Sept.

It will be my 3rd season as an ADHD reWired Coach and I am so excited to be a part of the team. My section is affectionately called the ass crack of dawn group, as we will meet at 6 am Pacific. If that is too early for you, don’t worry, there are other times available.

Spaces are always limited and fill up fast!
Follow the link below to learn more and save your spot today!

This award-winning course has changed hundreds of lives.
It changed mine, and it can change yours too.

Hear what others are saying

Cory L.

Moira is a great facilitator and coach! She has such insightful questions and actively listens to others! Moira is an absolute delight to work with!

Kendra L.

Moira was very on top of things. Her reminders were great. She is such a big hearted person but she will tell you the truth.

Rebecca A.

She met me, where I needed to start my journey. This connection of being understood and knowing the core issue has been addressed, seen, and heard - has caused an extremely strong shift and experience in real hope – I would say a foundational one. I trust her, her integrity, her work.

Kate B.

"Moira gives the insightful advice you didn't know you needed. (Or maybe you knew but it was deep down inside and didn't want to face it). Helped me to realize the negative self-talk and to ask myself, "is this a critic or coach" voice. She's strength-based, I hear her words in my head frequently..."don't clear the decks, what part has worked?" You feel her compassion from the get-go and that's what helps to make lasting change. "

Kim E.

You told me to simplify my life: stop cooking! Get your groceries delivered. That’s been a huge help for me.