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Hear what others are saying

Madhu G.

This changed the way I think about my ADHD. I have a much healthier thinking patterns and a lot more tools and skills I can use. I also have a great community of people who understand me and help me when I need it. I loved it!

Diego C.

Moira was genuinely herself. She is so kind, compassionate, and really cares about everyone she works with.

Leigh L.

I love the meditations. I loved the calmness of her voice and the practical way she approached the everyone's challenges. It also helped to hear her struggles.

Dave G

I was AMAZED at how often Moira noticed someone reacting to something and was able to smoothly clarify with that person if we had a misunderstanding or needed to talk about something.

Yedi P.

Moira was incredibly perceptive of where we all were emotionally. She was super inclusive and chose her words thoughtfully, especially when speaking about cultures she is not a part of—I really appreciated that. This kind of deep, behavioral work is always worth the cost because it is an investment in your mental health. If you need to be convinced, you are not ready...and that's ok.

Matt B.

She was honest and supportive and this experience was so enlightening and supportive that every person needs to experience it (and they are missing out on it if they don’t).

Tamorra B.

I think Moira is amazing and this group is sort of like having dirty glasses, and then someone shows you how to clean them properly.

Tim L.

It was great how the very helpful focus for women and ADHD that Moira has, came across to me as a man. ADHD is also so isolating and we accumulate so much shame over the years, it was really liberating. I never would have tried so many things, shared so many things, pushed myself as much, without everyone else in the group being there.

Brook T.

When I saw there were a couple of men in the group, I was a little nervous. I'm really glad that at no point did she shy away from talking about her experience with ADHD as a woman and how hormones impact her symptoms. Having that normalized was really impactful.

Cory L.

Moira is a great facilitator and coach! She has such insightful questions and actively listens to others! Moira is an absolute delight to work with!

Eveline C.

Moira was SO thoughtful & compassionate in holding space, sharing wisdom, supporting each & every one of us. Her deep wisdom, particularly on cutting edge research & info related to gender, hormonal cycles & ADHD has been invaluable and mind-blowing. Some great and necessary compassionate ass-kicking with A-Teams mid-way through, which was so helpful.

Brittany M.

I loved hearing things that Moira struggled with and seasons of learning she went through, not that anything was one skill and fixed, it's learning the tools to revisit and reuse. if you divide the cost down by the potential to continue learning its crazy to pass the opportunity up if you can at all afford it.

Rebecca A.

She met me, where I needed to start my journey. This connection of being understood and knowing the core issue has been addressed, seen, and heard - has caused an extremely strong shift and experience in real hope – I would say a foundational one. I trust her, her integrity, her work.

Hannah C.

I really loved how Moira brought in her experience as an educator. I value how she led group, how she broke down concepts and "scaffolded" for us so that things didn't feel so overwhelming.

Meleise L.

Moira has a lot of warmth and humor that puts people at ease right away. Personally we share things in common that makes her experience living with late diagnosed ADHD very relatable.

Kate B.

"Moira gives the insightful advice you didn't know you needed. (Or maybe you knew but it was deep down inside and didn't want to face it). Helped me to realize the negative self-talk and to ask myself, "is this a critic or coach" voice. She's strength-based, I hear her words in my head frequently..."don't clear the decks, what part has worked?" You feel her compassion from the get-go and that's what helps to make lasting change. "

Theresa H.

I appreciated her sharing her journey & bringing a late diagnosed ADHD woman's perspective into the mix. I was hoping to gain more insights into my own challenges as an older/later diagnosed woman and I feel extremely grateful that I gained an incredible amount of knowledge.

Agata M.

Moira's incredibly insightful and notices details that help people figure out for themselves how they can solve their own problems. She helps guide people to solutions which I really liked.

Elisa G.

I was grateful to have things coached in a woman's voice and perspective. Moira talks about her downsides, her "flaws" her struggles, and I realized that hearing an authority figure who's like me acknowledge with ease her struggles changed the whole playing field. Having a model for good enough, not perfect is a rare treat.