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Diagnosis & Treatment

Ep. 50 the one about medical mountains

“A weird trick to get doctors to listen to you,” by journalist Carolyn Liddell caught Moira’s eye when she was considering how to successfully raise another medical concern. People with ADHD are at higher risk of gaslighting and not receiving adequate medical support. Moira shares her journey with multiple health conditions & self-advocacy. When we can figure out what might be wrong, how do we bring it up to our doctors without offending them and be heard?

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Meet Moira, Host of The ADHD Friendly Lifestyle

Moira Maybin has spent 25 years as an educator, working in classrooms, in special education and, as a learning assistance teacher with an educational psychology background. She lived through years of overwhelm and failed attempts at trying harder that compromised her self-care, physical, and mental health until finally receiving her ADHD Diagnosis.

After experiencing a terrifying fall off a 50-foot cliff in 2018 that left her with serious injuries, she knew she had to commit to creating an ADHD Friendly Lifestyle and give up on trying harder if she really wanted to thrive. She’s since re-shaped her life completely for a better fit, based on current research. Moira has dedicated the last 5 years of her life to diving in deep to learn as much as she can about ADHD and its impact on women.

Now she’s opening up about what it’s like being a woman with late-diagnosed ADHD and a mom of two children, sharing the knowledge she’s gained on her own personal journey, and as an educator and advocate for people with ADHD.

"It's my mission to demystify, de-stigmatize and normalize those of us who see the world differently through sharing knowledge and advocating for understanding neurodiversity."

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